SITKA Men's Jetstream Vest


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Manufacturer Description

The Jetstream Vest is actually a fantastic coating for the hunter who wishes to mix and also match a hunting device. May be used over or even under extra garments, yet is actually compensated at the day's side for its wind-stopping capability. When working hard and also beginning to break a sweat, the Jetstream Vest is actually a fantastic item to maintain your core temp regulated.Sitka's Jetstream vest is actually a fantastic coating for the hunter who wishes to mix and also match a hunting device. The vest features a windproof but breathable extent delicate covering, alongside a total front zipper. It may be used over or even under extra garments. When you're working hard in the outsides and also beginning to break a sweat, the Jetstream is actually a fantastic item to maintain your core temp managed. Requirements: Technology: 0 CFM rating, breathable


  • Windstopper Soft Shell Pattern: Optifade
  • Open Country Camouflage Weight: 1.16 extra pounds Concerning Windstopper Soft Shells Sitka's Jetstream and also Stratus set are actually built using Windstopper Soft Shells
    to deliver overall wind defense with optimum breathability, integrating the convenience of a delicate mid-layer and also the water protection of a shell in one garment. Windstopper Soft Shells maintain you relaxed with the flexibility of action you require for enriched functionality in the best series of hunting and also weather. Advantages and also Building and construction: Absolutely windproof: Safeguards your body's comfort from the relaxing impacts of wind and also weather condition. Max breathability: Stops overheating and also sweat build-up through allowing wetness vapor to easily get away. Active match: Promotions gentle convenience with flexibility of action. Versatile: Provides convenience as a mid-layer or even exterior coating. Water insusceptible: Sheds storm and also snow and also dries quickly. Made from delicate, silent, elastic textiles. Combines the convenience of a delicate mid-layer and also the water protection of a shell in one garment.
  • Large variety of three-layer buildings, from illumination, thin summer gentle layers to warmer
  • , more thick wintertime gentle layers. Optifade Camouflage Device Optifade disguise from Gore is actually the very first and also only cover-up device ever before scientifically created around the method a hunter
    's prey looks at the planet. It is actually the only cover-up device to incorporate a symmetry-disrupting macro-pattern with a fractal-geometry-based micro-pattern, created to come to be nothing in the eyes of prey at involvement stables of 20 gauges and also beyond. Macro-Patterns and also Micro-Patterns The body has what is actually called a trademark, composed of recognizable lines and also apparent balance that is actually easily identified

    through human beings and also particularly through their prey. Through disrupting those lines and also the body's balance with a macro-pattern of illumination and also black balls and also touches, instant recognition is actually interfered with. However nature possesses greater than the lights and also darkness that compose the favorable and also bad shapes on the planet around our company. Fine appearance defines our field. For that reason, overlaid on the macro-pattern is actually a fractal-geometry-based micro-pattern.

    Item Treatment:

    • Clean: Equipment wash hot (104 levels F). Particle or even liquid detergent. No material conditioner. Follow producer's directions.
    • Dry-clean: If expertly dry-cleaned, ask for crystal clear, intoxicative solvent rinse and also a spray repellent. Follow producer's directions.
    • Iron: Steam-iron hot, putting a towel or even towel in between the garment and also the iron. There is actually no necessity to iron the garment until it is actually totally dry out.
    • Bleach: No chlorine bleach. It may harm your garment.
    • Dry: Tumble-dry hot. The heat from the dryer will help reactivate the durable water repellent (DWR) therapy on your garment's exterior material.
    • Water-repellent therapy: Gore suggests administering a particular water repellency corrective (DWR therapy) for outdoor textiles, readily available at your regional outdoor merchant. Wash-in treatments are actually not suggested, as they can easily impact the garment's breathability.
    • Tarnish removal: Use a pre-wash therapy like Scream or even Spray 'n Clean, following the producer's directions. Rinse effectively.

    Producer's Manufacturer's warranty
    While Sitka's equipment is actually built to be tough, it is actually not bulletproof. It will definitely be tested, running into limbs, scoff cord, rocks, and also various other situations that may injure or even harm the equipment. If your equipment is actually ruined, and also the damage is due to improper use or even damage, you will receive an estimation of the cost of fixing. If the damage is due to a problem in component or even workmanship, the item will definitely either be restored at Sitka's cost or even substituted through Sitka.

    Sitka Equipment Item Concept
    Sitka had a simple goal: to offer to the hunting business a device of garments that integrates the current high-performance textiles with a mountaineering style theory. With Sitka's continuous development of experience and also experience, its concentration comes to be more defined as it cultivates specific options for specific uses. It does not cut edges, it does not interest the masses. Sitka occasionally gets it incorrect, yet you can't receive it straight without trying.

    The Sitka System is actually based on a dependable layering system. A device that revolves around bottom, protection, and also coats with an extremely straightforward goal: wetness management. At the highest degree, the principle is actually straightforward. Foundation layers relocate moisture far from your skin, keeping you hot when it is actually chilly, and also cold and also when it is actually hot. This is actually the base. Protection and also coats are your command items that are actually readjusted in reaction to endure and also task levels that continue the procedure of wetness management.These same principles apply to the elk seeker in Montana, the lamb seeker in Alaska, and also the whitetail seeker in Missouri. The systems are actually more specific for each seeker and also each trip, yet the same principles consistently use.

    Concerning Sitka Equipment
    Founded in 2005, Sitka Equipment was actually a tip generated through essential need. Like several accounts, this started as a legendary journey that finished with a clear sight. After 3,000 vertical feet unaware, with periodic snow outbreaks and also steering sleet, the morning climb ended responsible for a gnarled white bark ache to receive some respite from the factors and also a little food in the tummies. Cold and also moist with sweat from that climb, it was actually greater than apparent that distress similar to this was actually unneeded.

    Therefore, on that particular September morning, at timberline, surrounded through bugling bulls, the vision that ended up being Sitka was actually realized. Employing solid histories in the ascending, mountaineering, and also general impulsive attacks of the hinterlands, the business owners concentrated on tiding over that existed in between these endeavors.

    Sitka's steering goal is actually not only to bridge the modern technology voids that existed from a fabric, building, and also product-form perspective yet to be totally submersed in steering brand-new modern technologies and also options for the modern outdoorsman. Sitka's origins reside in the mountains, yet its options range commonly. Perhaps pointed out that Sitka simply creates the best high-performance device of hunting outfits on the market, yet it is actually greater than merely premium. It is actually an ideology: turning garments into attire.

Product Features

Men's hunting vest Features Gore-Tex Windstopper Soft Shell; windproof yet breathable Helps regulate your core temperature Can be worn over or under additional garments; has full front zipper Weighs just over 1 pound; covered by limited warranty

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