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POM White Pepper Spray Keychain Police Strength OC Spray Safety Flip Top 10ft Range 24 Bursts Compact Discreet for Running, Cycling, Outdoors


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Manufacturer Description

Replace Concern with Peace of Mind through Owning the POM KEY Pepper Spray Keychain! As the most cutting-edge development in individual defense sprays, POM KEY is the one to pick for the most highly effective protection with a very discreet, present day and also portable style. What Sets POM Apart Contending Companies? Patented flip disaster top delivers optimum protection and also convenience of use No unintended discharge, and also regularly ready to shoot Contains the absolute toughest OC formula legally admitted the U.S. Carry scenario made of FDA authorized, non-toxic, food items grade plastic 0.5 oz system delivers 24 highly effective ruptureds, approximately 10 seconds of constant spray, and also could be shot at a 10-foot selection High Stress Fluid Chromatography (HPLC) evaluated in U.S. Department of Protection certified facility Hand down the manly, hefty pepper sprays and also fad lipstick ones which aren't successful. POM KEY features the most leading edge, minimalistic style which is available in Black, Grey or even White cases. Pick a fun colored emphasis band, each of which advertises the following: CORAL REEF = Signifies lifestyle, restores harmony, vitalizing ORANGE = Fun, helpful, casual, hopeful YELLOWISH = Excitement for life, cheerful, uplifting, creates confidence LIME = Removes thoughts of negative thoughts, new, spirited AQUA = Protective, caring, soothing, advertises attention HOT FUCHSIA = Passion for life, dynamic, inducing Pick POM KEY for Peace of Mind and also the absolute most Highly Effective Personal Protection Defense. Live Lifestyle with POM!

Product Features

THE POM DIFFERENCE - Did you know that pepper sprays have a 30% failure rate? POM KEY Pepper Spray is the latest advancement in personal defense sprays, as it features a patented flip flop top, which is safe and easy to use. Unlike other pepper sprays, which have a safety that requires you to turn the activator before firing, POM KEY is always ready. The flip top prevents accidental discharge while always keeping it engaged and ready for the most dependable, optimal performance. STRONGEST LEGAL FORMULA - POM uses the highest quality purified Oleoresin Capsicum (made from red peppers), consisting of 10% OC, with the highest strength of 1.4 Major Capsaicnoids, which is the true level of heat. This makes POM the most powerful formula that is legal in the U.S. today. POM Pepper Spray is produced in a HPLC tested for quality assurance. KEY TO SAFETY - The POM KEY has a traditional key ring that can be easily attached to any keychain. It's designed for those who are aware of potential harm but still want to live their lives to the fullest - whether that's continuing to do the job they love, getting a college degree, traveling, and/or being physically active and adventurous. Choose from White, Black or Grey models, as well as 6 colorful accent rings, all of which have their own positive meanings (see Product Description below). PEACE OF MIND - POM stands for Peace of Mind. When it comes to personal safety, POM allows you to eliminate fear and replace it with optimistic empowerment. The POM KEY is a truly modern and innovative design, made of FDA approved food grade plastic, and is free of lead and harmful toxins. Don't be fooled by its compact and discreet 0.5 oz container. It may be small but it still provides 24 powerful bursts, 12 seconds of continuous spray, and can be shot at a 10-foot range. PROTECT LOVED ONES - POM KEY makes an excellent gift for loved ones who you want to keep safe. It's ideal for those who work in retail stores, nurses, real estate brokers, waitresses, college students, women living alone, seniors, widows and more. Give the gift of Peace of Mind with POM KEY.

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