Pepper Spray Keychain for Women - Fashionable & Powerful, Our 10% OC, No Gel Sprays Long Range and is Specifically Designed for Women, Safe, Accessible, Easy to Use, No Accidents, and Refillable

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Manufacturer Description

Fun simple fact: individual security doesn't have to be actually uninteresting or even masculine! Greet to Super-Cute pepper spray, one of numerous items in the Super-Sparkly Safety Things collection of individual security items. This pepper spray is certainly not merely lovable, but is produced to clip to the beyond a purse, backpack, as well as naturally, on your tricks or even pet dog leash in order that it exists if as well as when you really need it. The 1/2 oz. pepper spray insert along with 10% OC formula possesses a reliable series of 10-12 feets as well as UV dye to denote the attacker. The ideal present for any kind of female grows older 18+. considering that looks as well as possessing an excellent head on your shoulders, they both concern. Super-Cute pepper spray is certainly not merely the prettiest pepper spray ever before, but it's the same stamina formulation used in various other pepper sprays you'll find on the market place. Our team make use of a 10% OC formula (that's oleoresin capsicum ... yeah, we may make use of major words also) that is the greatest formulation allowed all 50 conditions. Feel free to note that pepper spray may certainly not be actually delivered to NY, MA, DC, Hello There or even AK because of condition guidelines. Income: this pepper spray is super hot as well as when used in a defensive method, are going to result in significant breathing effects like strangling, watery eyes, as well as brief loss of sight for a hr or two. Yikes. Pepper spray is certainly not a toy, as well as it's certainly not amusing to use it by any means apart from in a real emergency situation. It's additionally prohibited to misuse pepper spray. Jail is certainly not an excellent appeal. Orange is certainly not your colour. Be responsible as well as be vigilant - as well as naturally, be actually attractive as well as ready at all times! Ensure to have a look at our various other individual security items featuring our individual alarm systems, stun weapons, emergency assistance kits as well as emergency situation getaway hammers at All similarly as lovable! Ok, you may purchase some today. Just make certain you are ready for TONS of favors.

Product Features

FORMULATED & BOTTLED IN THE USA - Buy with Confidence! Super-Cutes pepper sprays will provide you with a sure shot, no fail trigger system - powerful no gel, stream to ward off attackers. But, most important, you won't hide our pepper spray in your bag. While we hope you never have to use our pepper spray, carrying it will give you or your wife or daughter an added level of security knowing you have a tool to defend yourself, quickly and easily at your disposal. FASHIONABLE & POWERFUL - Maximum strength formula allowed for public use. Incredible distance - Our pepper spray projects 10-feet / 3 Meters to prevent wind blowback. An accurate burst 'stream' style spray keeps you safe while engaging attackers at a safe distance. SAFE - SURE TRIGGER - TOP Our trigger system won't get stuck when you need it the most, carry with confidence. Fashionable for the most important women in your life. Powerful enough to protect them in any defensive situation. ACCESSIBLE, CHIC & REFILLABLE - Buy smart, buy refillable. Super-Cute Pepper Spray contains 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) formula for maximum stopping power. Pepper Spray is classified as an inflammatory agent and can immediately incapacitate and temporarily blind a potential attacker. The 1/2 ounce canister can be replaced after use or expiration (3 years). KEYCHAIN CLIP CONTAINER - Super-Cute is the only brand to offer a keychain clip for fast easy access in stressful situations. DON'T BE A STATISTIC fumbling through your purse for other pepper sprays when you need it the most. Our keychain clip pepper spray is designed to be the safest while carrying, accessible, and easy to use, especially in a moments notice. Give the most important women in your life the best chance at defense when they needed it. Be Cute, Be Protected, & Be Safe! FEATURED BRAND BY - The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, Bloomberg, The New York Times and more. Fashionable and cute, extremely powerful and portable - Super-Cutes Pepper Spray is the fastest growing personal safety brand on the market today. Designed with you in mind, quick and easy to access and use in stressful situations. Yes, our pepper spray is on-trend, sparkly and cute, but don't let the bling fool you, it packs a sting too. Premium packaging - Perfect gift for women, & college students.

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