Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet, Adjustable Silicone Band, Lightweight, Discreet and Easy Access For Quick Response to Attack, Contains 3-6 Bursts of 10% OC, Cannot Ship to MA or NY


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Manufacturer Description

Say goodbye to embarrassing, hefty pepper spray cylinders. This clever & discreet plastic band hides a strong 10% pepper spray service. And with a 3-foot variation, it permits you stay out of damage's method, too.

Joggers, university student, change employees and others ... if you are actually regularly alone and on foot, then you know just how stressful it could be. Coming from the steps behind you to the unknown person that looks only a little bit of too long, it is actually challenging to really feel risk-free.

Individual defense units including pepper spray can easily assist. However hauling around a significant can of spray is actually not just undesirable; it could be tough to get to, only when you require it very most. The patented concept of Little bit of Viper's Pepper Spray Bangle is actually unique.

This comfy, wearable concept makes it very easy to maintain your pepper spray available. Say goodbye to stumbling inside your handbag or even knapsack, and no hefty glove to wear either. Also much better, it is actually discreet good enough for everyday damage, and no one yet you will know you are actually carrying a self-defense gadget.

Easy Access for Flash Reaction to Tackle
10% OC pepper spray
3 to 6 short bursts per canister
Lightweight (examines less than one oz)
Discreet, Low-profile concept
Series of approximately 3 shoes

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TAKE NOTE: Can not ship to MA, NY, WI or even OCONUS. Not for purchase to smalls. Shut out of scope of little ones. Powerful toxic irritant. Materials struggling.

LIMITED SERVICE WARRANTY: If you must use this product in the event of an assault, Little bit of Viper will definitely send a substitute system to you at on the house - only spend freight. Steal of proof of purchase, profits of authentic pre-owned system and illustration of event demanded for brand-new thing. This insurance coverage is actually restricted to the termination date of the authentic acquired system. Colour of substitute bracelet is dependent on available stock.

Product Features

ACCESSIBLE AND EASY TO USE: It only takes an instant for an attack to happen. The patented design of your Little Viper bracelet lets you react quickly - no fumbling in your purse or pocket for a canister. EASY-TO-CARRY, CONVENIENT PROTECTION: Ideal for jogging, heading to class, walking the dog, or any time you need a personal safety device while keeping your hands free for other things. DISCREET, COMFORTABLE SAFETY: Walking around with a bulky safety spray canister in your hand is awkward. The adjustable silicone wristband and cleverly concealed canister means no one will know you're carrying it. MAXIMUM STRENGTH: With 10% oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray), this discreet device packs a knockout punch from up to 3 feet, so you're always out of reach of your attacker. FREE TRAINING COURSE + REPLACEMENT PROGRAM: Packaging includes free digital access to our in-depth pepper spray course and a limited warranty in case you have to use your Little Viper in self-defense.
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