Guard Dog Security Pepper Spray Keychain, Red Hot Self Defense Spray with UV Dye - Choose a Leather Holster Color


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Manufacturer Description

Mobile, Portable Protection

This half ounce keychain self-defense spray is best for anybody searching for a handheld preventive that is very easy to gain access to as well as usage. Delivering private defense as well as improved confidence in a portable, transportable form, this keychain pepper spray gives you quick defense from any sort of prospective assailant. Clipping easily to your keychain, purse or even knapsack, the pepper spray cylinder includes an attractive holster with keychain, which is available in various colours.

Trusted, Efficient Security

Attack dog Protection's 18% OC reddish pepper spray is used with the greatest grade formula as well as laboratory checked for no-leak as well as optimal effectiveness, thus your private safety tool will definitely be ready for activity in the unlikely event you ought to require it. With a distance variety of 16 feet, the very easy twist-top makes it promptly easily accessible when needed to have - merely twist as well as fire the self-defense spray to trigger non-lethal immobilizing irritability to the eyes, skin layer as well as throat of your assailant. The unnoticeable UV dye will definitely help law enforcement in successfully recognizing an attacker, even if she or he seeks to clean off the substance after the assault.

Free Pepper Spray for Life

The twist leading self-defense spray permits safe as well as very easy usage, while preventing accidental discharge, as well as each laboratory-tested, no-leak cylinder stands up to 12 full one-second sprays. In the unlikely event of making use of, Attack dog's industry-exclusive Protected 4 Daily life program will definitely offer you with free life-time pepper spray replacement, thus you will definitely consistently be readied.

Guarddog Safety Pepper Spray Keychain Features

  • 18% OC reddish pepper spray
  • 16 foot variety
  • Prevents wind blowback
  • Assorted holster colours
  • Security twist leading
  • Free pepper spray replacement
  • Helped make, gathered as well as checked in the USA

Security is no incident. Acquire your Pepper Spray Keychain today!

This compact private safety tool matches the hand of your hands, as well as attaches to your tricks with the
consisted of keychain. The Guarddog 0.5-ounce, three-in-one pepper spray keychain is a convenient, compact private safety tool that chooses you anytime your tricks carry out. A twist-up leading makes it promptly easily accessible when needed to have, as well as the pepper spray formula as well as cylinder have each been actually rigorously laboratory checked for efficiency as well as leak-proofing. A practical, classy keychain holster is also consisted of (colours may vary).

Energetic Elements

  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper): The main element, triggering an attacker-deterring burning in the eyes, nostrils, as well as throat
  • CS Army Tear Gas: Inflamed agent triggers irritation in the eyes, nostrils, as well as mouth
  • Invisible UV Dye: While shooting, launches an undetectable, UV-detectable dye, permitting law enforcement to successfully identify an attacker, even if she or he seeks to clean off the substance

Exclusive Guarddog"Shielded 4 Life "Program In the unlikely event you ought to reduce the cylinder consisted of with your purchase, Attack dog offers free replacement pepper spray for the lifespan of the product with the business's "Shielded 4 Daily life" program. Simply enroll your product online-- guidelines are actually consisted of with your purchase.

Regarding Attack dog
Headquartered in Winter Season Springs, Fla. Attack dog Protection generates safety as well as defense tools for everyday usage, producing home as well as private safety handy as well as budget-friendly for every person.

Product Features

KEYCHAIN PEPPER SPRAY: Clip the self defense spray to your keychain, purse or backpack for effective personal protection that is always with you. EASY TO USE: A twist-up top makes this a great pepper spray for runners, walkers and everyday use with quick accessibility - just twist and shoot. MAXIMUM STRENGTH: 18% OC red pepper spray and UV identifying dye has a 16 foot range in a powerful pressurized stream for optimum efficiency without blowback. FREE PEPPER SPRAY FOR LIFE: Guard Dog industry-exclusive Protected 4 Life program replaces your self defense spray in the event of use. 100% SATISFACTION: If you're not happy with your Security Pepper Spray for any reason, Guard Dog will replace it for free.
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