Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry | Universal Leg Gun Holster for Glock 43 42 19 36 26, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard M&P Shield, Springfield XDs, Ruger LCP LC9 LCR, Sig Sauer P938 P238, Taurus

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Manufacturer Description

? Premium Quality

LPV PRODUCTS gun holsters are a new breed of concealed carry holster. Unlike traditional Ankle Holsters, the LPV PRODUCTS Ankle Holster offers deep concealment without sacrificing comfort and versatility. Our idea was to create a holster that could truly withstand the rigorous use of daily wear while being comfortable. All of this needed to be done without sacrificing discretion and concealability

? Warranty

Try our gun holster, risk-free, if you're not completely satisfied with our product for any reason, we'll buy it back. In addition, every ankle pistol holster is covered by our Lifetime Warranty. If any part of your gun holster breaks or tears for any reason, we'll replace it for free

? Flexibility

Each ankle holster is designed specifically to conform to the shape of the human leg ensuring that your firearm is supported properly and in a way that allows you to forget you are even carrying a pistol. The leg holster is designed to comfortably carry pistols from small all the way up to the full-size frame, so you only need one holster that can work with a variety of your firearms

? Adjustability

You can perfectly adjust your ankle holster using the top and bottom straps for your own comfort

? Easy to Install

Stretch lower strap around your ankle and also the upper strap around your calf, secure both of the straps with the quality strong Velcro. You can now place your firearm in the holster

? LPV PRODUCTS is blessed and thankful to have customers who appreciate our products, level of service, and commitment, and for that - WE THANK YOU

? Semper Fi

Product Features

? MAXIMUM COMFORT - This is an Improved Version of the Ankle Gun Holster for Concealed Carry made out of padded and breathable elastic neoprene that allows ventilation for your legs. Every product is sharpened manually with great attention to details. You will find it very comfortable, durable and suitable for many gun models. Compare LPV PRODUCTS Concealed Carry Holsters to the competition and you'll be pleased to find our Concealed Gun Holster is a cut above the rest ? COMPATIBILITY - Glock 43 42 17 19 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 32 33 36 38, Springfield XDs XD XDm .45 45ACP 1911, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Bodyguard 380 38, Ruger LCP LCR 10/22 LCP 2 LC9S SR22 SR9C 38 Special, Taurus PT111 709 G2, Sig Sauer P226 P320 P229 P938 P238 2022, Walther PPQ P22 PPS PPK P99 PK380, Bersa Thunder, Kimber 9 mm Micro, Kel-tec, Beretta 92fs nano, Desert Eagle, Colt, Kahr, S & W M P Shield, Remington, 9mm Revolver & Many More Sub-Compact and Compact Handguns ? FITS ALL LEG SIZES - LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED CARRY - Humans come in many shapes and sizes so we designed this leg gun holster that will accommodate anyone's calf and ankle | Men and Women. This ambidextrous pistol holster will also allow for left handed and right handed use. No matter your height, this ankle pistol holster will fit perfectly because has more neoprene between the top and bottom strap unlike others neoprene ankle holsters ? QUICK DRAW | NON-SLIP - The retention strap band makes it tight to put the pistol into the holster yet easy to pull it out through the thumb break quick release mechanism. Dual ankle and calf adjustable strap for a stable contoured fit around your leg. Can handle activity without NON-SLIP or moving around. The straps are secured via a heavy duty quality velcro fastener for proper weight distribution ? EXTRA MAGAZINE POUCH - We provide you with an extra pouch that can be used for your extra magazine, valuables, a folding knife,a flashlight or even some non-lethal equipment such as pepper spray or a taser. The built-in spare pouch is secured with a strong genuine leather strap that has a durable button.

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