Suede Wrapped IWB (Inside the Waistband) Holster
Suede Wrapped IWB (Inside the Waistband) Holster

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This is our newest holster in the lineup.  We wrap the kydex itself in suede and it creates a soft covering that gives an added comfort to the holster.  Kydex is not known to be rough on the skin at all, we have never experienced that, nor have our customers, so this is more of a personal preference for our customers as far as appearance and comfort.

This holster does not have a sweat guard at this time, and does carry best at your 10-2 o’clock position, although it can be worn comfortably on your strongside as well.

You can add the Raven Claw to this holster as well for an additional $7.  The claw helps to push the pistol grip into your body a little more for added concealment and comfort.  This option is located under Holster Accessories.

If you do not see a color option listed, please email us for options as there are always more options out there than we can carry at one time, but we try to keep things simple for all on our site and provide what is the most popular options at the time.

Designs are subject to change slightly from time to time without notice, but we always try to make changes to the website when and if it does.  Any changes made are due to striving to provide you with the best possible holster available.

Disclaimer:  With suede being a natural product, there is the possibility of it wearing down over time.  There is no way to tell how long this could possibly take, but we assume it would be a very long time as it is the same as leather, but with a hard shell of kydex inside helping to keep the form of the holster, unlike a full leather holster that will break down and lose its form over time.  This product contains the same limited warranty as our other gear as far as we will replace the hardware free of charge for up to one year, after that time there will be a small replacement fee for any parts due to the lack of maintenance of your holster, meaning screws kept tight enough to stay in and still maintain the same retention as when you received it, etc..

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